Farha + Anwar // The Perfect Person

ö Farha + Anwar // The Perfect Person

ö It was late in October last year when Farha got in touch with us to film her wedding. After a long list of emails and phone conversations, I had the pleasure of not only meeting Farha but her siblings Ibraheem and Erum + Sobia (Ibraheem’s wife!) in person! Needless to say I was outnumbered but our coffee date was great!

ö I’m a firm believer in developing strong relationships from the get go and not one for rushing into them when it comes to my work. The longer I have to get to know my clients, the quicker they go from “clients” to “friends” and overall just great people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with & for. That being said - I had a long time in getting to know Farha & Anwar (her husband). Here’s the catch, like any typical desi movie the Sharukh Khan of this relationship (Anwar in this case) was from far and abroad - the UK! Anwar and Farha were planning their wedding between Canada and London. Couples that survive long distance relationships are definitely a favourite for me!

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ö With Anwar being in the UK and Farha being here, there was a large distance and personal barrier that eventually came down as their wedding date approached. I pitched the idea of a shooting a Portrait {film} to Farha and friends and they were all up for it. The big question was a) what ideas and concepts did we want to bring to the table b) how could we film it with Anwar coming only weeks before the wedding c) were Farha & Anwar ready to be in front of the camera? Needless to say - it all worked out!

ö Farha + Anwar // The Perfect Personimage

Farha & Anwar share a very special relationship and bond because of their strong relationship with their siblings & parents. It was evident as ever during our Portrait {film} shoot and during the days of their wedding that their love for one another was just as deep and persona.
It was clear that Farha wanted to tell her audience {at her wedding} about the relationship she held with her family and with Anwar as well! So we set out to create a film that was narrative based but something that had substance & a very strong personal feel to it.

ö A long day of shooting that resulted in multiple and lengthy interviews with both Farha’s parents and Anwar and Farha herself; proved to be extremely useful by the end of our day! We started off at Farha’s house and moved to St. Lawrence Market then off Dundas Square and continued to film inside of the Toronto Eaton Centre & finally ended back inside of a small Starbucks. We eventually and practically almost got kicked out of the Starbucks - yep, it was a long day for sure. 

ö Less words & more moving imagery. I present you with Farha and Anwar’s Portrait {film} ~ The Perfect Person. Stay tuned for their Next Day Edit on the blog to come in due time!

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