Farah ❣ Rohail // Next Day Edit

ö It was late December when I met Farah. You know how that saying about six degrees of separation? Here’s the break down of how I met, got to know and essentially knew Farah without even knowing it! My good friend Rae knew Haya who knew Farah {more or less} who then got to know me? So what’s that - 2 degrees of separation, I guess?? haha :P!

ö Needless to say Farah and I exchanged many phone calls, texts, emails, voice mails and we ended up playing phone-tag for a bit! With my schedule and her’s never aligning for the right time to meet up or talk initially- it ended up working out for the best. If there’s one thing I love about taking the time to book clients months or even a year before their wedding - it’s the relationship I get to build with them over that time period. Farah and I and Rohail {eventually} went from becoming mere clients with plenty of inquiries to really great people that I had the opportunity to get to know.

ö Farah ❣ Rohail // Next Day Edit - Just moments before their Nikkah began!

ö Farah ❣ Rohail // Next Day Edit - Prepping a classic #ringshot

ö Farah ❣ Rohail // Next Day Edit - let’s just say my trunk space wasn’t ever enough =(

ö I can’t thank you both for the opportunity and great time you gave my team and me as well over the last 3 days of your wedding extravaganza! Farah - you still owe me a cupcake! Rohail - dude you rock! To both of your families - Insha’Allah! Thank you for humbly accepting my team + myself into your humble abodes to film a great starting point & exciting part of your lives.

ö I wish you both nothing but the best & to you both - when I come down to Dubai - I plan on having the best cupcakes ever made on that side of the world! =D

ö Here’s the final Next Day Edit I cut together in less than two days running on practically Empty to 7 hours of sleep :) Be sure to check out some behind the scenes pictures of those three days below as well!

ö Farah ❣ Rohail // Next Day Edit - I ended up putting the final touches on the N.D.E just before #makeup and #bridalprep filming began, hours before we premiered it!

ö Farah ❣ Rohail // Next Day Edit - a little dark I know, but they knew how to PARTY!

PS - For my readers who don’t know Farah runs, owns and operates Little Miss Cupcakes, check her out!

ö Farah ❣ Rohail // Next Day Edit - A happy bride & groom makes me go #colgate !

ö For the camera geeks out there:

//2 X T3i + Grip

// 17-55mm F2.8
// 17-35mm F2.8
// Nikkor 50mm F1.4
// Canon 50mm F1.4
// 85mm F1.8
// Glidetrack
// Cinevate FLT
// Glidecam
//Manfrotto Tripods + 562 & 561 Monopod
//Zoom H4N + Rode VideoMic

Graded & Cut in FCP

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