{Sherry + Denys} // It Was Perfect

ö So we couldn’t be happier to be releasing this {Portrait Film} the day before Sherry + Denys’ big day! We filmed this just about 3 weeks ago now, all over Brampton & Caledon. Sherry and Denys were a blast to work with. I compare Sherry to my sister and Denys much to my brother-in-law - they’re hard working, super laid back and are always up for a fun time. What started off as a quiet morning as our shoot commenced eventually turned into a tree-hopping {watch the video you’ll totally get it and laugh!}, sweat filled, MARS DUSTED, ice-creamy filled day.

To Sherry & Denys,

ö I wish you two nothing but the best for your future! My team & I are excited to work for you two and put on some fireworks on during your wedding night! You two were humbly accepting of my style, sense of humor and love for what I do. It was you two that definitely made this {Portrait Film} really speak out and become something fun and memorable! I hope that you watch this years from now and look back on what really went into the making of it - your chemistry, your humor but most of all the both of YOU!

ö I often get asked what a {Portrait Film} describes and I usually think back to what an actual portrait picture - of a couple or family describes. On the surface you can usually tell who’s who - who the mother, father and their kids are. My goal with {Portrait Films} are to allow viewers to feel like they too, know whom they are watching on their screens.


ö Color grading this was more difficult than actually shooting this piece {considering it was 35 plus degrees out there that day} I decided to shoot this in Cinestyle. A brave choice I know but it certainly helped in bringing out the richness of the colors and in preserving a lot of the details in the {film}. Sherry and Denys approached me with the idea of keeping this simple but different. I know that’s pretty typical of everyone these days but that pretty much lined up with what I had in mind for this piece. We went with a Super 8mm kind of look for the final product. Exposure is key when you’re shooting in the Cinestyle profile, that pretty much defines whether or not your color grade will come out the way you want it to.

If you have the TIME to color grade your footage properly and have a good eye for exposure - I’d recommend using the Cinestyle profile. Beware - while shooting that everything will appear pretty much flat in terms of your color on your screen BUT - that dramatically changes when your inside post, coloring your footage.

ö For the camera geeks out there:

//T3i + Grip
//Nikon Series E 50mm 1.8
//Nikon Series E 135mm 2.8
//Canon 18-55
//Tokina 28-70 2.8
//Manfrotto 682B
//Glidecam 2000

Shot in Cinestyle

Graded & Cut in FCP

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